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kanelakis diving centre

Project Overview

In my role as a Senior Web Designer at FareHarbor, I had the incredible opportunity to lead the creation of a dynamic website for one of our esteemed clients. This project represented a fusion of UX design principles and the client’s vision, resulting in a website that truly stands out in its industry. In 2 weeks the design was ready and in 4 weeks it was live.

Technologies used

Content Management System (CSM): WordPress

Design and Styling: Figma and CSS

Helping a dive center gain online conversions

Client Overview
Dimitris Kanelakis, is a highly experienced PADI scuba instructor with the prestigious title of Master Scuba Diver Trainer and EFR Instructor. He’s also the proud owner of Kanelakis Diving Experiences, a premier dive center nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Greece.

Client’s Journey
Dimitris Kanelakis embarked on an exciting journey with FareHarbor as a new client. He was eager to leverage FareHarbor’s cutting-edge booking software to streamline his operations and embrace the world of online bookings. However, there was one missing piece to this digital puzzle – a powerful website that could seamlessly integrate with FareHarbor’s booking platform.

Our Collaboration
This is where our paths crossed. We joined forces to bring Dimitris’ vision to life by designing and building a brand-new website. This digital platform would not only showcase the breathtaking scuba courses and training experiences offered by Kanelakis Diving Experiences but also serve as the gateway for eager divers to book their next underwater adventure.

Website Style: Diving into the Depths

The design philosophy for Dimitris Kanelakis’ website was inspired by the very essence of scuba diving – a journey into the mesmerizing depths of the ocean. We meticulously crafted every element to create an immersive online experience that mirrors the sensation of diving into pristine waters.

Blue as the Anchor
Blue, while not the primary color of the logo, plays a central role in the website’s design. It symbolizes the boundless possibilities awaiting underwater, creating a seamless and immersive experience as users scroll down the page. The logo’s colors were also used as they are part of the brand. Orange as a secondary color and red as accent.

Transparency as Transparency
As you scroll down the webpage, you’ll notice the clever use of transparent colors. This design choice serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it maintains a clean and minimalist aesthetic, ensuring that the focus remains on the breathtaking visuals of underwater worlds. Secondly, it mirrors the gradual submersion into deeper waters with each scroll. You’ll feel as though you’re descending further into the azure abyss with every passing moment.

The design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about evoking the sensation of diving headfirst into the unknown, where adventure and beauty await at every turn. Experience the depths of scuba exploration right from your screen.

The Homepage
Exploring the available products and the rest of the website

The culmination of our efforts has not only resulted in a visually captivating website but also in the tangible success of Kanelakis Diving Experiences. Over the past four years, the website has been instrumental in drawing enthusiasts to the stunning underwater world. The enthusiastic response and positive feedback from visitors and customers alike stand as a testament to its effectiveness. The owner, Dimitris Kanelakis, is delighted with the outcome, and the website continues to be a thriving hub for scuba divers and adventurers. To experience the site’s allure firsthand, feel free to explore it at your leisure by visiting Kanelakis Diving Experiences.