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I have always been curious to learn and discover all the knowledge of the world, and all of my life I have been motivated by this passion.

I studied Archaeology and History of Art and did my Post Graduate Studies in the Ancient Mediterranean World, and I worked for 6 years in excavations, as a student but also as the Team Lead Archaeologist. I worked for almost 4 years in a Museum curating the exhibition and doing Educational programs, but as I always took interest in technology I decided to advance my knowledge through Museum Studies, which allowed me to combine my two passions: Culture and Technology.

I was always attracted to Technology, which pushed me to start a new chapter in my life by working in E-learn and SaaS platforms. Then, life led me to Amsterdam, where I worked for 3 years in a Travel-Experience SaaS company. As a Senior Website Specialist, I worked on the Web Design of more than 10 websites per day, I helped Travel companies increase their Conversion Rates and improve their Websites User Experience either through tickets (more than 6000 tickets in total) or in bigger projects that I was the Project Manager (7 projects).

For 2 years I was helping people to improve their vision by designing solutions for easee online eye exam. Being the lead Product Designer of a fast-growing startup allowed me to work on cross-functional projects and make design decisions that solve business and user challenges.

As a Freelancer, I collaborate with various companies, expanding my adaptability, project management skills, and commitment to driving growth by balancing users’ needs with business goals.

My love for User Experience during these years drove me to also work on side UX/UI challenges and projects (as a volunteer, independently, or with a team), which you can check in my portfolio.

I dream of a world where everyone has equal life opportunities, regardless of age, gender, origin, or background. That is why my passion is to help people find solutions to their problems with UX strategies for inclusive and sustainable teams and for products that are related to culture, education, and health.

Feel free to reach out!