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Hi, I am Maritina Tsouvala!

I am a passionate Product Designer, specializing in UX/UI, on a mission to create innovative solutions that elevate everyday experiences. I’m dedicated to crafting digital products that drive success and create a social impact.


About Me

I’m fueled by a passion for helping people. As a Product Designer specializing in UX/UI, I aim to craft user-friendly solutions that are accessible to all, seamlessly resolving challenges for those who need them.



Designed an Android app focused on health and wellness, enabling users to monitor, analyze, and enhance their sleep quality through intuitive mobile technology.

Emotion AI Web App for API

Collaborated with Behavioral Signals to develop a web app empowering developers to harness EmotionAI capabilities via seamless API integration.

WhatsApp Self-Protection Feature Proposal

Addressing safety concerns, I tackled a design challenge to propose a novel feature for WhatsApp, enhancing the safety of women traveling alone.

Responsive Magazine Platform

Designed a responsive online magazine platform catering to eco-conscious readers seeking a balanced work-life lifestyle.